Buying Guide for Vacuum Sealer Bags

Buying Guide for Vacuum Sealer Bags

Preserving food and avoiding food wastage is crucial to any food service operation and vacuum packaging is an excellent method to do just that. The products last longer when they are vacuum packed compared to the other means of food preservations and still retaining the fresh taste. Purchasing a vacuum sealer is not everything that you require to store your food. There are other factors that should be considered for example like buying the vacuum sealer bags. Due to having a variety of sizes, one needs a complete guideline to know the best way to choose suitable bags. Mostly for new users, it can be difficult on which type of bag that a person should settle with. For that, reason one should know the features of the best sealer bag that you can use for a vacuum sealer. Here are some factors to consider while selecting the best sealer bag.

Thickness of the bags

The most common vacuum bag thickness is the 3mil Vacuum bags. It is used for commercial and home users for food packaging purposes. Thick bags have a longer durability and provide a safe option to the users. It also ensures a good sealing fix by the machine. Thus, it’s advisable for one to check the thickness of the bag before deciding to buy it.

Bag rolls

Bag rolls is one of the best and affordable item for packaging small to big sized items. Whether one is storing clothes or foodstuff, these bags are perfect for providing a layer of protection since they are of high quality and can also be torn easily due to perforations. It is also perfect for packaging frames. It is easy to use since it is such of plastic that comes with different lengths creating own sized bags. Thus suitable for

Size of the bags

Vacuum sealer bags come in different sizes and it’s upon you to choose the size that one requires. Before purchasing any sealer bag, one has to consider the type of product that the person is packaging to accurately choose the right size to avoid purchasing oversized or small bags, thus, saving on cost.

Brand bags

There is an English proverb that says cheap is expensive. Depending on the type of machine that will be used. It’s important to check out the brand of the bags to be used according to the specifications of the appliance. Otherwise, using low-quality bags may damage the machine and also spoil the food. These bags should be of high quality, thick enough to prevent freezer burns whereby it can be heated, boiled and frozen.  This brand bags may be a little bit expensive but are worth compared to other ordinary sealing bags. For example, the food saver sealing bag and Zip-lock vacuum sealing bag.

It is therefore important to consider the above factors while choosing a vacuum sealer bag for packaging purposes. They will help one make a right decision thus enjoy the benefits of vacuum sealing and keeping food safe.