Factors to consider when choosing a Heat Sealer

Factors to consider when choosing a Heat Sealer

When choosing a sealer, there are factors you have to consider first before settling on one. Knowing the thickness of the material you are going to handle will be the primary guide in your selection process. Getting the best sealer will ensure that the sealing process is reliable, convenient and easy. This article will give you an insight into the heat sealer and the main factors to consider when buying the sealing machine.

What is a heat sealer?

A heat sealer is a machine that uses heat to seal the products during packaging. There are different types of sealers available in the market and depending on your application; you can choose the one that best suits your preferences. Here are the main types of impulse sealers available based on the usage and the type of material:

  •    Hand sealer- this machine seals a plastic bag of up 10 mm thickness
  •    Foot sealer/pedestal- this machine can seal a bag of up to 15 mm
  •    Auto sealer- it also seals a bag of up to 15 mm
  •    Double impulse sealer –it has foot and automatic options. It can seal up to 20 mm thick bag
  •    Sealer w/cutter- this machines seals and trims excess material when making customized bags.

Factors to Consider when buying the heat sealer


The size of the sealing machine relies upon the width of the material to be sealed. However, it is recommended to get a machine that has an additional width so that the sealing process can be handling easier. A cutter on the sealing machine has been designed to trim at a less width than that of the sealer arm.


Portable sealers are usually lightweight, helpful and adaptable. The sizes of this machines are however limited. Hand sealers are the most basic and efficient unit of packing that is adjusted manually. A suitable heat sealer machine should be able to seal a large number of bags within a short time. Buying one in the market, you should first test and check the speed level. If you are packing a large number of products using this process, then you must go for the machine that best suits your level of application. Most commercial industries prefer the automatic machines due to its reliability and consistency in speed. Hand sealers can handle around 6-20 bundles every moment.

Automatic sealers give considerably speedier sealing than foot sealers and are perfect for high creation occupations. Programmed sealers are generally tabletop sealers whose jaws are actuated consequently by a dial-controlled timer. Programmed sealers include a pre-set time cycle to take into account a completely nonstop programmed task. Programmed sealers can likewise be utilized with a foot pedal for self-loader operations. Sizes are accessible from 12″ to 47,” and roughly 20-50 bundles can be sealed every moment.

The width of the packaging material

Heating components are mostly made of nickel-chromium and are designed for specific type of seals. There are two sorts of heating components, flat and round, that are commonly used in the sealing process.  Depending on the sealing machine, different thicknesses can be handled. You should always get a heat sealing machine that best suits the thickness of your packaging material.